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my healthy lifestyle blog. a documentation of my new lifestyle: recipes, workouts, information & inspiration. HW: 157 lbs, CW: 137 lbs, GW: 120 lbs.

30 Day Transformation Challenge: Look better in this bikini!!

I’m moving to California in ONE MONTH!! Which is huge motivation to finally really commit to eating the right way. Taking these photos was a huge wakeup call… I weighed myself this morning and I am at my highest weight in a really long time—- 151.8 lbs. I hope to be at least 145 lbs in 30 days- and maybe even less if I try really hard/commit (which I will!!). PS- I’m 5’4”, so I’m definitely getting to be overweight. I feel the difference in my clothes and energy level, and I’m overdue for a change. I’m grateful that I found 30DT for some additional inspiration

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you can have this: 30-Day-Transformation Challenge II -- it's on!


The second official 30DT has begun! For those who were looking to prove to themselves and the world that they can do it, or who just wanted a little extra motivation/accountability, the time is now. Join the Challenge and show us what you’re made of while also getting support and encouragement…

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To feel this free and comfortable with my body.


The confidence radiates off of her.

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The 20 Best Fitness Tips of All Time Slideshow
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